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Expertise"Miwatek’s solutions for the treatment of waste water and other impacted waters from mines and industry address all of the known problems that are associated within the currently operating membrane plants. "

Our plant layout and chemistry allows us to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) whilst at the same time greatly reducing and in many cases, eliminating the need for expensive brine ponds or brine treatment units.

Miwatek has access to unique process equipment, membranes and both chemical modeling and process simulation programming which allows us to tailor the plant designs such that (relative to other plants that are currently in the field) they will:-
  • Use less reagents
  • Have a smaller plant footprint
  • Produce less waste
  • Have lower capital costs
  • Require less electrical energy
Additional benefits of the Miwatek process:
  • Can handle high fluctuations in feed water quality
  • High recoveries to discharge compliant water
  • In many cases zero residual brine can be achieved
  • Reusable and saleable residues
  • Low volume of other residues
  • Can be integrated with existing infrastructure if required (e.g. high density sludge)
  • Modular designs, which lead to
    • low cost additions for capacity increases
    • low cost exploitation of new technologies