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"Miwatek is a South African based, advanced technology, water treatment company created specifically to address the growing challenges of contamination of water resources from mine water and from other industrial activities "

Our proprietary technologies allow the sustainable treatment of Mine Impacted Water (MIW) and other Industrially Impacted Water (IIW) in a competitive and cost effective manner.


Through our partnerships, we have access to in excess of 40 years of waste water treatment experience, 20 years of membrane experience and 100 years of operating experience.

To satisfy client requirements, we offer a variety of delivery options:
  1. Licensor Package (LP) with Proprietary equipment supply – allows for a client preferred execution partner to execute the project, with Miwatek acting as a licensor.
  2. Design-Build (DB) Package – Miwatek and our partners will execute the project and hand over after commissioning. Miwatek will use a local Engineering Contractor to assist in project execution.
  3. Design-Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (DBOOT) – Miwatek and our partners will finance and operate the facility for a predetermined time and then transfer ownership. The duration is negotiable.
  4. Design-Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (DBOOM) – Fraser Alexander will finance and operate the facility and charge a fee per m3 water treated. The client carries no process risk.